Reasons Why Wearing Eyeglasses May Be Better Than Wearing Contact Lenses

It is not easy to decide whether you should wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. This is because glasses are better in some areas, while contact lenses can be considered as an improvement in others. This may depend upon your lifestyle. The fact remains that for most people, the world of vision correction often begins with wearing eyeglasses. You will know which is right for you once you are able to weigh the pros and cons.

The Benefits Of Wearing Glasses

Eyeglasses have many positive benefits as compared to contact lenses. One significant benefit is that glasses can be worn by anyone. There are no age restrictions here. Eyeglasses also provide a simple and fast solution to a variety of vision issues.

Glasses are an extremely accurate means for vision correction. You can update glasses quite easily each time your eye prescription changes.  At B & B Eyewear, we are happy to work with you on any prescription changes.

Today, eyeglasses have become trendy. As a result, people are wearing non-prescription glasses simply because they feel that they look good when they wear them! You will see a lot of celebrities today who are wearing glasses just to look cool and trendy.

When it comes to athletes who need corrective lenses, prescription goggles are a great option. These are special glasses that have been designed specifically for people who play sports. Prescription goggles are great especially if you play a contact sport such as football or basketball. With prescription goggles, you can release the worry of your glasses becoming bent or broken. This is concern that many athletes have if they participate in sports with their everyday glasses which are not designed to withstand the wear and tear of sporting activities. With prescription goggles, you also do not have the worry of a contact lens popping out of your eye during your sporting activity.

Some people find it fun and fashionable to own multiple pairs of glasses in many different colors and styles. You can buy glasses for weekend or party wear, the work environment or daily use! Some people even have different pairs of glasses to go with different attire. In this way, glasses become more of a style statement.

Glasses are the safest form of vision correction. This is because they are not touching the eye. Hence, there is no risk of infection.

There are other benefits of wearing glasses too. Glasses can help to prevent injury to the eye by preventing the wind or any kind of dust or debris from entering the eyes. As a result, your eyes may be more safe in the case of harsh weather. This can be highly beneficial if you are driving an open vehicle like a bike or scooter as your eyes will remain protected from the harsh winds or flying debris.

If you have allergies, dry or sensitive eyes, it may be more difficult to wear contact lenses as they may further aggravate the condition. In such a case, glasses may be the best option since there is no contact with the eye.

There are a wide variety of frames to choose from, including rimless glasses or half-rim glasses. Transparent frames are a new and popular fashion option that many people are gravitating towards.

We invite you to stop by B & B Eyewear to explore our wide variety of modern, designer and trendy eyeglass frame styles. We look forward to seeing you!